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The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

And more essential skills to help students with the challenges of the 21st century... 

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is an internationally recognised programme first developed in the UK as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. It contains four Sections: Skills, Physical Recreation, Service and Adventurous Journey. At Gold level there is an additional requirement of a Residential Project.

At The New School Rome the Award is available to students in Years 10 -13 and allows them to take part in a variety of tasks that will develop new skills, improve personal fitness, raise social awareness and provide experiences of nature at home and abroad.

Our students are involved in charity events around Rome including work with Oxfam, Save the Children and the Astalli Foundation. 

Around the school we regularly see our students taking the initiative and finding opportunities for themselves to help others and learn new skills in the process. The overwhelming enthusiasm to take part in the Award turns into real, tangible success. We are watching eagerly as each participant grows in the wide variety of activities to which they have committed.

Chris Reid

Teacher of Chemistry and Duke of Edinburgh Award Coordinator

Teacher of Chemistry and Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Coordinator


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