as-and-a-level-french 6

AS and A Level French



Course code:

AS Level: 8FR01,  A2 Level: 9FR01


2 years (full A level) or 1 year (AS level)

Aims of the course:

The Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced GCE in French qualification rewards advanced-level French language skills and knowledge through student- focused assessment. With appealing content and opportunities to gain greater understanding of other cultures, it will prepare students to become well-informed and effective communicators.


Topics covered:

AS level

Youth culture and concerns

Lifestyle: health and fitness

The world around us: travel, tourism, environmental issues and the French-speaking world

Education and employment


A2 level

The above topics plus Customs, traditions, beliefs and religions

National and international events: past, present and future

Literature and the arts.



By examination. 2 modules taken in May/June

By examination. 2 modules taken in May/June

Assessment details:


Unit 1: Spoken Expression and Response in French

8-10 minute assessment in two sections.

Section A requires students to respond to four Edexcel-set questions on a stimulus related to the student’s chosen general topic area.

Section B requires the teacher/examiner to engage the student in a discussion that, although still relating to the same general topic area and its linked subtopics, moves away from the main focus of the stimulus.


Unit 2: understanding and Written Response in French


2 hour 30 minute paper in three sections.

Section A requires students to listen to a range of authentic recorded French-language material and to retrieve and convey information given in the recording by responding to a range of French-language questions.

Section B requires students to read authentic French-language printed materials and to retrieve and convey information by responding to a range of mainly French-language test types.

Section C requires students to write 200-220 words in the form of a letter, report or article in French based on a short printed French-language stimulus.



A level

Unit 3: Understanding and Spoken Response in French


11-13 minute assessment.

 Students first outline their chosen issue for about one minute, adopting a definite stance towards the issue. They should then defend and justify their opinions for up to four minutes. The teacher/examiner will then initiate a spontaneous discussion in which a minimum of two further unpredictable areas of discussion will be covered.



Unit 4: Research, Understanding and Written Response in French


2 hour 30 minute paper in three sections.

Section A: A short written translation exercise to test students’ ability to transfer meaning from English into French effectively.

Section B: A French-language essay in response to one from a choice of seven questions, linked to the prescribed general topic areas, that invite either discursive or creative writing.

Section C: A research-based essay in French (240-270 words) to reward students for French-language research skills linked to an area of interest to the student that relates to the culture and/or society of a French-language country, countries or community. They have freedom to determine the content of their research (potentially in negotiation with their teacher) but it must relate to the four research-based essay topic areas for this unit.



Leads to:

An A-level French course provides not only an 'in depth' study of the French language and culture but also aims to develop those skills essential for a successful university career in French language and/or Literature, and other Modern Languages combined most commonly with European Studies or International relations.