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The School Day

About the Senior School

The Senior School covers Years 7 - 13 (ages 11-18). Starting from Year 7 students are taught by specialist teachers for each area of the curriculum. Students no longer spend the day in one classroom but move throughout the school from one classroom or laboratory to another. Each group is assigned a tutor who has responsibility for following the academic and social progress of each individual.

Challenging and stimulating programmes of study together with a strong creative core of Art and Drama create the ideal environment for academic excellence and personal growth.

Helping students find their future

We bring all the available information into one single, impartial, user-friendly platform that helps students to make the best choices, and submit the strongest applications.

We also empower teachers and counselors to manage the progression process effectively.


Find out more about the New School Rome's KS3 department. 

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Students begin their GCSE's in year 10, explore the curriculum.

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KS5 - A Level

The curriculum and information for students looking to to study higher education.

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"I have worked in many schools, but only at the New School, I have seen teachers take care of the students as if they were members of their own families. Indeed I would say as if they were their own children."

Stefano, Teacher of Italian