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Year 4

Year 4 is all about encouraging the children to become more independent and to take greater responsibility. Mum and Dad can now relax, they no longer need to worry about remembering gym kit, book bag, reading record or homework book. Consequently as the children gain in confidence and in independence, there is more trust amongst the class as a whole. This helps develop a sense of fun too.

We work on a variety of things aside form the normal range of subjects. For example, we build models from junk; learn basic carpentry skills to build a model Viking house; paint in the style of famous artists; finally we write, illustrate and publish stories on the computer. This all culminates in the three day residential trip which takes place at the end of the summer term.

Visit us, talk to us and you will begin to understand what a special place The New School is.

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and see some photos of work in progress.


Year 4 were asked to complete a Design Maker Challenge by making 'the ultimate rollercoaster' using only paper, a marble and masking tape!

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