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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1.  Besides learning to read and write, count, add and take away, we enjoy learning all about ourselves and exploring the world around us with our 5 senses. But above all we love being creative. We like making and constructing things such as puppets, shakers, animal dioramas and collages. When the weather is nice we enjoy learning and playing on our terrace and using our sand and water tray. We even grow our own vegetables and plants!


Year 1 is a very important year as the children move from a play based to a more structured curriculum.  To ease the transition the children continue learning through play based activities and a topic approach in the first term and gradually move onto more structured tasks over the year. 


I try to develop the children’s independence and confidence by allowing the children to structure their own learning through weekly challenges by choosing from a range of activities, including creative, construction, role play, ICT or imaginative, small world play. I believe that this way the children are more engaged in their learning and it allows for their creativity to flourish.


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'In Year 1 we read the traditional tale of The Three Billy Goat Gruff. We used Photostory 3 to retell the story in our own words. We worked in small groups. First we each drew a picture of a part of the story. Then we took photographs and downloaded these to the computer. (Jana helped us a little) Then we sequenced the pictures and wrote a sentence about what is happening in each picture. We learnt what keys to press for finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. Then we retold the story recording our own voices and added some background music. We had lots of fun!'

Billy Goat 1 by Orla, Vincent, Brady, Chiara

Billy Goat 2 by Matteo, Ebba, Ginevra, Spartaco

Billy Goat 3 by Maria, Matteo 2, Luigi, Ane

Billy Goat 4 by Zoe, Francesca, Piero



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