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The Friday Glance

A quick look at just some of the curriculum activity around the Primary school this week

For the week ending 04/10/19

For the week ending 27/09/19

For the week ending 20/09/19

Year 1’s Plant-based ‘Birthday Calendar’ display

EARLY YEARS:  The children are settling in well and have already been making friends. We made our birthday crowns which each child can wear on the day of their birthday. 

YEAR 1: We finished our class birthday calendar this week: as well as putting up all of the birthdays, we have chosen a different flower or plant to represent each month. Year 1  will be taking part in their first Chemistry lesson on Friday morning. Lots of bangs, flashes and a sprinkle of sparkles.

YEAR 2: This week we have been writing our own stories of The Pied Piper of Hamelin. In maths our work has been on tens and units as well as simple addition and subtraction. In geography our focus has been on the continents and oceans.

YEAR 3: Year Three have been using torches to experiment with light and shadow, testing their ideas to see which ones might be accurate.

YEAR 4: Year Four having been doing Report Writing this week. They have been learning and drawing story maps all about the Black Mamba snake and will be doing their own research about the Snow Leopard.

YEAR 5: Year Five have been learning to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000 by moving the digits in a place value chart. 

YEAR 6: The Treaty of Versailles in 1919 has been the focus in History this week, with students considering why this international agreement ultimately failed in its aim to secure lasting peace.