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Library and Resource Centre

The Primary School Library is much more than a library. It is a world of discovery and wonderment. It is a place where our young students, from a very early age, learn the importance of books in their academic development.
One of the outcomes of their regular visits to the library is the gradual understanding of the joy and inspiration books will bring throughout their lives. Our main aim is to cultivate this by providing a well-equipped resource centre with a vast selection of fiction and non-fiction books, DVDs, audio books and an Italian section. Regular up-dating of books is vital to keep up with students' individual tastes, new authors and new material.
The library plays an important role in the Primary Years Programme, supporting the units of inquiry in the classrooms and helping teach the skills needed for students to become lifelong learners. Children will also learn library and information skills by regular visits to the library and by being library assistants from Y4 to Y6.
Early Years and Year 1 visit the library once a week with their class and teacher, while Years 2 to 6 can visit on a daily basis. During term time the students may take up to 3 books home but during the holidays we allow them to take up to 10.
In addition several bookfairs are organised , offering a wide selection of quality titles, in English, for purchase.