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Learning Support


At The New School, we aim to cater for the needs of all children in our care.  In order to fulfil this aim, we recognise that some pupils may, at times, require additional support. 

We are fortunate to be able to call on the expertise of a variety of consultants and specialists should the need arise, (Educational Psychologist, Speech/language therapist, Occupational Therapist etc.)  In order to provide continuity throughout the school, the process is overseen by the school’s Learning Support Coordinator.

At present individual teaching and intervention from outside consultants is paid for by parents.

Our learning support programme is called 3 Steps to Success and is outlined below. It is overseen by the child’s class teacher and learning support teacher, in consultation with the child and their parents/carers.


3 Steps to Success

Step 1: In class strategies

If the class teacher is concerned that a child is displaying slight difficulties in a particular area, they will support the child in class by:

  • working in a small group
  • differentiating work
  • using specific individual classroom strategies

For many children no further steps will be necessary


Step 2: Focused 1:1 support with the Learning Support teacher, following specific Learning Goals (IEP)

In addition to classroom differentiated support, the class teacher may feel that a period of more intensive support is required. At this point the class teacher and Learning Support teacher will draw up a number of specific Learning Goals. These are set out on a document and will be shared with the child and their parents. Goals are reviewed termly, in consultation with the child and parents.


Step 3: Referral to an external consultant (eg. Educational Psychologist, Occupational, Play or Speech/ Language Therapist)

If a child continues to have particular difficulties, despite progressing through steps one and two, following discussion with the parents, recommendation will be made for evaluation by an external consultant.

Subsequent to the evaluation, findings will be shared by the consultant with parents and teachers, and following this also with the child. New targets may be established, and changes may be made to the type and frequency of support.

At present cost of the above is established prior to evaluation and payment is made by the parent/carer directly to the consultant. Some employers may reimburse these fees. In this case we will provide the necessary documentation to assist with this.


When support is no longer necessary

Once a child has achieved all of their targets and is working at the appropriate level, the amount of support will be reduced gradually.  The pupil’s progress will continue to be monitored termly to ensure that they are not left without support prematurely.