history 5


Year 7

I. The Roman Empire

A Roman Triumph

Roman Cities

Roman People

The Rise of the Roman Empire

The Empire

The Fall of the Roman Empire

The Legacy of the Roman Empire


II. Medieval Realms

Medieval kingship        

Church and Crown

Feudal rights

The Emergence of Parliament

Peasant Revolts            

The Black Death        

Motte and Bailey castles created by Year 7 as part of a project investigating how the Normans conquered England.   



Year 8

I. Islamic Civilisations

Connecting Empires

Rise of the Islamic Faith

Living in the Islamic World

The Crusades


II. Early Modern History

The Reformation

Tudor England

The Stuarts and Civil War        

Cromwell and the Restoration


III. The French Revolution

The 18th Century Enlightenment

The French Revolution - Causes

Early Stages                              

Reign of Terror

Rise of Napoleon

Napoleonic Wars

Achievements and Failures of Napoleonic Period


Year 9

I. Italian Renaissance

The Miracle of Florence           

The Medici Family

End of the Renaissance in Italy


II. The Age of Nationalism

Italian Risorgimento


III.  The Twentieth Century

The Suffragette Movement      

World War I - Causes   

Major battles

Treaties ending the War

World War II - Causes

Major Developments in the War

The Holocaust


IV.  Black Peoples of the Americas

The origins of slavery

Life for slaves

The end of slavery        

The Civil Rights movement


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