art 5


The art programme is mostly practical and is similar in Years 7, 8, and 9.  Students are provided with a variety of experiences through which they discover their talents, experiment and develop different techniques and learn progressively how to work independently.

Students learn to:

  • record responses from direct observation (figures, still life, portraits, the environment both natural and man-made).
  • gather resources  from books or real life and use them to stimulate and develop   ideas.
  • explore and use different techniques, including pencil, watercolours, inks, gouache, wax pastels, collage, chalk pastels, charcoal, and papier-maché.
  • review and modify their work as it progresses.
  • develop an understanding of the work of artists and apply knowledge to their own  work.
  • select from visual and other source material to stimulate and develop ideas for work which demonstrates a personal response.
  • select and control materials and processes in a disciplined way.

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