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Yr3&4 visit Jackson Pollock Exhibition

28th November 2018

On Friday 23rd November Yr3 & Yr4 went to The Vittoriano to see an exhibition dedicated to American Abstract Expressionist painter Jackson Pollock along with his artist peers including Willem de Kooning and Franz Kline.

This is what they said about their visit:

Sophie “We scribbled and let our imaginations flow!”  

Arianna “We used a kind of theatre to project our action paintings onto the wall.”  

Lea “The quotes on the walls helped us to understand his life and paintings.”  


Mila “Jackson’s paintings were like a wonderland where your eyes are always moving to different places.”  

Valentina “Some of his paintings had no names, just numbers, so that we had to use our imaginations to understand them.”  

Rosy “His paintings are a bit confusing because you don’t know where they start or where they end.”


Penny “In Number 27, he used light colours instead of dark because he wasn’t so depressed at that time.”  

 Elisa “Later on, he became sad so he started using more black.” 

Enrico and Nicolo “At the end, we created an electronic version of a Pollock painting by hovering our hands over the magic light box.” 

Margherita “We went inside a Pollock painting and the light went on us, not on the walls.”  


Sam “We lay down on cushions and watched Jackson painting above our heads.” 

Tatiana “We saw the Ancient Roman Forum before we went in.” 

Juliette “We walked past the Colosseum and had our photo taken!”  

Livia & Margherita “We used our acrylic pens to scribble in the style of Jackson Pollock.” 

Lea “On the way to the exhibition we saw some street artists.  We met the bubble man and we were all laughing as we popped the bubbles!”  


Marie “We watched a puppeteer make a Michael Jackson puppet dance.  He looked real!”  

Riccardo “We didn’t only see Jackson Pollock paintings but also paintings by artists that were inspired by him.”  

Francesco “We listened to the man playing the saxophone and we danced along with him!”  

Gallery:Yr3&4 at the Pollock exhibition Nov 2018