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Year 6 Trip to see 'GIUDIZIO UNIVERSALE' at the Auditorium Concilliazione

19th February 2019

What better way to bring a unit on the Renaissance to a dramatic end than with the Last Judgement? 
Year 6 arrived in St.Peter's Square on a glorious sunny Roman morning. After a snack and a quick gulp of fresh water, our History students walked up the road and got themselves comfortable in the plush red velvet seats of the Auditorium Concilliazione
The Last Judgement:  Michelangelo and the Secrets of the Sistine Chapel was incredibly immersive, with: smoke, acrobatics, dancing and  spellbinding lighting; not to mention the walls and ceiling of the theatre magically transforming themselves into the famous frescoes of the Sistine Chapel itself! Having visited the real thing earlier in the term, the students, of course, recognised much of the artwork and history covered in the drama, but when the curtains closed there was something even more engaging to focus on: our tummies were rumbling.
Our fantastic driver, Massimo, zig-zagged his way through the tight streets of old central Rome to deliver our culturally satiated, but ravenously hungry children to Piazza della Rotonda, where they tucked into their lunches in full view of the ancient Pantheon.
After eating, we had a brief look at the interior of this wonderful building, taking a moment to visit the tomb of Raphael, another  Renaissance painter whose work we have cast our eyes upon lately. 
Before boarding the bus back to school, we took the opportunity to visit one more of Rome's significant sites. Santa Maria Sopra Minerva - a church whose name alone points to the nature of the Renaissance as a rebirth of Classical culture - is the church in which Galileo was obliged to publicly recant his support for the heliocentric model of the universe. It also houses Michelangelo's statue of Christ, so worth a visit.
With no rest for the wicked, our Year 6 students headed back to school to cap off this term's History unit with a lively seminar on the causes and characteristics of the Renaissance.