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Year 12 visit La Repubblica

30th April 2019

On March 21st a group of Year 12 Italian students visited the prestigious national newspaper “La Repubblica”. The experience was even more exciting than expected: after an intriguing introduction by the executive secretary, Anna Veneruso, the students were lucky enough to meet Eugenio Scalfari, the founder of the newspaper and one of the most important journalists in Italy. They also met Carlo Verdelli, the current editor of the newspaper. Finally students took part in a special editorial session with the former editor Ezio Mauro and visited the sports part of the newsroom where they had a lively discussion about the latest football news!

Below you can read the articles written by the students and have a look at the first page of a pretend newspaper called “Trapezio”. The students designed and wrote this prototype newspaper themselves. 

Intervista a Ezio Mauro

Perché la visita a ‘La Repubblica’ è stata importante per la classe

Una giornata a “Repubblica”

Trapezio - Giornale