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Winning Whatever the Weather

5th March 2018

Gene Kelly, Pirelli Cinturato Blue F1 tyres, umbrella salesmen and now, The New School Under 11s football team. All perform well in the rain.
The Greens squelched onto the turf in pole position this Saturday morning, narrowly ahead of the rest of the pack on goal difference. 'To be thus is nothing,' as someone once said, 'but to be safely thus.'
Beating Rome International 3-0 kept our heroes on track, the stand-out goal a stunning free kick from William's right boot. The game which followed, however, was the one which may end up putting some distance between the teams at the top. 
Leone and Adriano performed their man-marking roles to the letter, minimising the threats posed by St George's. The New School conceded one goal, but put FOUR past their rivals in red, including an unerring far post finish by Gregorio, set up excellently by right-wing warrior, Helen.
Celebrations were dampened somewhat by the driving rain, but once home and dry, there is no doubt that our players will be fully satisfied with today's points haul.
To say that The New School are safe at the top of the league would smack of complacency, but when the updated league table is published next week, we expect to feel that we can possibly pull away from St.George's as we head towards the final bend in this campaign.