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Water Week 2017

28th March 2017

Water Aid is a charity‚Äč dedicated to enabling access to safe drinking water for everyone on the planet by the year 2030. 
Water Week
With this target year in mind, Water Week at The New School this year aimed to raise €2030 to contribute to this very worthy global cause. 
Our enterprising students, from Early Years up to Year 10, put their heads together to ensure the week would be a hive of fundraising activity.
A sponsored football match here, a Crazy Hair Day there; stalls selling home-made lemonade and blue cakes, second-hand books and toys; kids washing cars for cash; guest speakers from the UN! You name it, it happened, and all in the name of Water Aid's ambitious - but hopefully achievable - target.
Speaking of targets...
Walk for Water
The final afternoon of the week saw students of all ages, along with teachers (again, of all ages) carrying buckets of water around the school grounds in an exercise of empathy for those who are forced to make challenging journeys in order to collect water for themselves and their families.
The average daily distance inhabitants of our planet have to walk is 6 km, and many of our students managed that very same distance in our very well supported Walk for Water.
You will no doubt to be pleased to know that the New School community more than achieved its target. At the last count, the sum raised by all those generous contributors was €2860.10!
Many thanks to all who helped.

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