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Water Aid Fund Raising 2019

16th April 2019

Each spring our children channel their imaginations in order to come up with fresh ways of raising money for Water Aid, a charity committed to ensuring worldwide access to clean water by 2030.

This year's Water Week got up and running with enlightening talks from FAU's Lauren Simoni. We thank her for taking the time to share with us the challenges faced by millions across the globe when it comes to accessing safe water.


With these issues in mind, a wide range of fundraising activities were organised by various year groups throughout the week: bake sales, dance shows, handmade jewelry sale, lemonade stalls, an hour long choir concert and a wonderful book & toy sale in the sun. The children’s enthusiasm for and commitment to raising funds was incredible.



As ever, the climax of Water Week saw students of all ages (plus staff and parents) participating in an exercise of empathy: the Walk for Water. Throughout the Friday afternoon we all got a tiny taste of what it must be like to walk long distances for this most precious of resources, as we carried our heavy buckets and bottles around a circuit set out in the school grounds.



It is probably safe to say that we will never truly know how it feels to have to walk many miles for our water. What we can do though is to continue to support Water Aid in their noble efforts. We are happy to report that this year we raised €2135 for the charity.

We won't forget them next year.

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