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The Two Gentlemen of Verona
Thursday 6th June @ 6pm

31st May 2019

At 6pm, Thursday the 6th of June, in the garden, on the famous Red Circle, Year 6 will perform William Shakespeare's The Two Gentlemen of Verona.
Our young actors have worked tirelessly on their lines, their annunciation, their movement and so much more. They hope to bring you a memorable performance and one which strikes the right chord.
This year's play is a comedy, but like so many of Shakespeare's works, it serves up some weighty issues. 
The play opens with Valentine announcing to his fellow Veronese, Proteus, that he wants to travel. "I would rather see the wonders of the world abroad," he tells his love-struck friend. Proteus is in love with Julia, so naturally prefers to remain in Verona. Valentine really doesn't understand Proteus' obsession with a life of love.
Valentine parts for Milan, where he stays at the Duke's palace, and where he instantly falls in love with the Duke's daughter, Silvia. Now he understands!
Meanwhile, back in Verona, the two young love-birds are shocked and upset; Antonio, Proteus' father, has decided that his son must follow Valentine to Milan. Julia and Proteus part sadly, exchanging rings and promising that they will not forget each other; that they will soon be together once more.
Proteus boards ship with his servant, Launce, not to mention Launce's dog, Crab.
Valentine is naturally pleased to see his old friend arrive in Milan, and introduces Proteus to Silvia. Proteus takes far too much of a shine to Silvia, and here is where the plot takes a dark turn.
Proteus' cold conniving conduct, in his stubborn pursuit of his friend's new loved one, in his disregard for his own true love, Julia, is something which our Year 6 students have taken very seriously. 
Proteus starts plotting: he will slander his friend, Valentine, and see him exiled; he will forget that Julia is alive, he will manipulate Thurio to get closer to Silvia. 
And finally, he will woo the fair Silvia. 
Or will he?