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The Digestive System - Year 4

8th February 2018

The Digestive system

Written by Year 4

In Science, we created DISGUSTING digestive systems!

We put many different ingredients together, including: bananas, ketchup, Nutella, yoghurt, biscuits, bread and green food colouring. These symbolised the food we eat. We then chopped it all up, like our teeth tearing and cutting food. After that, we mixed it all together, like the churning of our stomachs.


We added washing-up liquid for the saliva and lemon juice for the acid in our stomachs. Next, we spooned the mixture in to a pop sock (the stomach), and squeezed the liquid (nutrients) out. Only the waste that our bodies don’t need was left. Lastly, we cut the toe of the pop sock and we squeezed the POO out! It was super fun, messy and DISGUSTING!

Enjoy looking at our photos and videos!