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'Smile when you're singing'

17th September 2018

Due to the enormous success of the inaugural year of New School Choir Emma has decided to create both a Junior choir and a Senior choir to accommodate students from Years 3 to 11. Rehearsals will be held weekly in the Performing arts room, and concerts will be take place regularly at lunchtimes,  culminating in the grand concert at the Summer fair.
Junior choir for Years 3 and 4 rehearsals Monday 12.55-1.25pm,
Senior choir for Years 7-11 during Wednesday Options, 
Senior choir for Years 5 and 6 Wednesday 12.55-1.25pm. 
Emma is a member of a UK teaching group who work to bring the joy and benefits of singing to students of all ages. The belief is that singing enhances every area of a child`s learning and wellbeing. 


Smile when you're singing!