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Sixth Form Day Sept 2019

14th September 2019

Soldiers for a day!

On the 6th of September the Sixth Form embarked on a trip to the 9th Alpine Regiment in L’Aquila. The trip was planned to unite Year 12 and 13, and teach them the values of teamwork. It began bright and early, by 7 am the students were on a bus heading down to the base, with no idea of what was waiting for them. 


Once they arrived, they were introduced to the Colonel and the soldiers, who welcomed them with an introductory video on the life of an Alpine Regiment soldier and the work of the base. They were then divided into three groups, each with an elected captain. The teams were then escorted to the very first activity, the shooting range! The smell of competition quickly filled the air around them, as each team selected a shooter to aim for his best score. 

After that the main team activities began, and every team wanted a taste of the first place trophy. Every student was given a lesson on military life, ranging from wall climbing, to CPR practice. We experienced the lives of medical helpers, as they rush to their peers’ rescue: learning how to cover a wound, insert a needle and the act of compressions. While one team learned how to save lives, another learned how to communicate in case of an attack. The complicated radio system utilized by the military is known as PRC- radio. The messages have to be clear and concise, a skill many needed to learn. The practice enabled students to understand the circumstances many men and women find themselves in, in which you have to persevere. There is no giving up, a lesson the students learned as teams as they challenged each other and pushed for the best. 


The final activity put to the test the essence of the teams, and how capable they were as a unit. This time it wasn’t about the individual capabilities of one member, but it was about all the capabilities each person could bring to the group. Creating a road to cross the imaginary river, the teams had to hold hands and obey strict rules. Many started over more than once, others gave up, and some pushed through. No matter the end result everyone had a smile on their face as they laughed unitedly. 


Finally it was time for lunch! The students had the privilege of eating  in a dining room reserved for the Generals and Colonels. Everyone devoured the traditional Alpine arrosticini, as a reward for the long day of activities. The day wasn't over yet! Four army vehicles  were brought for everyone to admire and take a seat in, pictures were captured and the fun continued. Lastly before the departure, the teams were given their trophies for first, second and third place. The coach  ride back was filled with conversations and jokes, as they all learned something about each other. 

New friendships had been formed, and the new students didn’t feel so new after all.

Written by Alessandra Yr 12 and Greta Yr 13

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