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Rome brought back to life!

27th March 2017

On Thursday 16th March 2017, one day after the Ides of March, (the day on which Julius Caeser was assassinated) year five were fortunate enough to have a guided tour of the ancient Roman Forum, thanks to Jake's dad Chris. 
From the intial journey on the bus, through to the excitement over spare earphones at the end of the day out, Chris had the children captivated with his enthusiasm and incredible knowledge of the hidden history of Rome. 
On our way up to the Forum, we learnt about the significance of acanthus plants, the brickwork of the ancient ruins and how all the buildings originally had a marble facade until Rome was sacked by the Christians.
He explained how the emperors would love to parade through the arches (three of which are still standing) and how the Julius line emerged after Aeneas escaped Troy following the Trojan war. The children were intrigued by the story of the vestal virgins (who would be buried alive if ever any of them did anything wrong) and enjoyed a peaceful lunch in the remains of their temple as a jet flew overhead. 
It was a fantastic day out with excellent listening, questioning and behaviour from all the children. Tommy's dad and Jake's mum also came along and helped to keep everyone safe and interested. A massive thanks to Chris for making this an unforgettable and intensely enjoyable trip.