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New Recycling Boxes Approach The New School

13th March 2018

News Report written by Gregorio (Yr6)

Just as the global plastic problem increases, the New School Rome is fighting against it, innovating with a 100% recyclable paper recycling box. This brilliant idea has already been launched in every primary classroom.

Just a few days ago, the ambitious Year 4 students astonished the school with a real paper recycling solution. The innovative box is completely made of cardboard, that as we know is fully recyclable. The fully recyclable boxes are embellished with some fabulous illustrations, also produced by the creative Year 4 class.

These original paper-saving creations literally left behind the old ones, that with some dull colours around them seemed ugly and surely didn’t attract the attention of the visitors our school normally receives.

The school is now constantly using these new boxes, as you can find them in every class. These are already completely changing  the statistics of paper waste in the school.

Here are the new fantastic recycling boxes