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Model United Nations 2019

15th April 2019

Our experience at MUN

Written by Livia - Year 12

My participation at the John Cabot University Model United Nations was highly educational as well as inspiring and I greatly encourage all students to participate as it is a profoundly enriching experience from the first debate. All students were able to plunge into their assigned country’s position on the topic discussed through thorough research and well-planned speeches which allowed everyone to take part in discussions passionately. Led by the exceptional guidance of the university students, each delegate was able to positively and articulately contribute to the debate, giving their country a voice concerning the wide spectrum of matters discussed in each committee. In addition, the topics debated were extremely relevant to present-day events (discrimination against religious minorities, drugs and women’s rights) and pushed students to argue their country’s ideas and positions boldly with often just a few seconds to think of a response. Not only does the MUN enhance public speaking and debating skills, it also allows students to form a strong bond with the people in their committee which continues even outside the conference.


Written by Samy - Year 12

The Model United Nations held at John Cabot University was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that all students ought to try to attend. The contemporaneity of the arguments debated, paired with exceptional dais members who constantly guided the debate -  allowing it to be as fruitful as possible - made the simulation resemble its real counterpart. Furthermore, the level of preparation of the students who attended was beyond anything I have experienced in over 4-years of participating in other MUN conferences. In my opinion, the factor that forced most of the delegates out from their shells and onto the ‘front lines’ of the accentuated debate, was the degree of passion our committee possessed. This was a direct result of everyone being so knowledgeable regarding the domestic and foreign policies of the countries they were representing. The assertiveness of the delegates both pushed and honed my abilities in public speaking and public relations, constantly putting me into the line of fire of other delegates ready to make their ideas prevail.


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