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Magnificent Maremma

25th June 2018

Year 3 and Year 4 spent 3 days in the magnificent region of Maremma.
Read below some of the things the children said about their trip.
"At the Giardino dei Tarocchi, it was mind blowing to see the symbolic sculptures of the artist's imagination, shiny reflections of creativity." 
"Il Duchesco had breathtaking views, and Fabio and Cristina gave us a very warm welcome. Artu the dog was adorable and we had an amzing, relaxing stay!"
"At the Feniglia Dunes, we had fabulous fun splashing each other.  Ludovico was the easiest fish to catch!  We dug holes in the sand and even found water!"
"Daniele and Grazia organised an unusual mix of action games and were brilliantly prepared."
"The food was delicious and scrumptious.  Five stars!"
"At Maremma Natural Park we went for a walk to see wild deer.  We could hear birds singing, saw stunning wild flowers, but unfortunately no deer!"
"We visited Cerveteri to see the Etruscan tombs.  They were freaky and interesting."

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