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Impressive Impressionist

19th February 2018

Read Year 4’s account of their visit to the Claude Monet Exhibition in Rome.
On the 13 th February, Year 4 went to see the Claude Oscar Monet Exhibition, in the Complesso Del Vittoriano in Rome.
Stefania, our guide, told us that the 60 paintings we were about to see, were originals!  We saw and heard how he created his waterlily, flower, bridge and tree paintings. We also saw impressive, moving projections on the walls and floor.  Monet’s style is Impressionism, as he always looked out the corner of his eyes quickly, and painted the impression he remembered.
We thought the exhibition was: interesting, amazing, fabulous, spell-bounding, fantastic, marvellous, colourful, magnificent, bright, attractive, and most of all… moving and climbing!

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