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Genius is out of the bottle

19th December 2018

Year 4 invited their parents and Jonny to watch their Genius Hour Presentations, which they've been working hard on since September.   Genius Hour is a concept inspired by the Google initiative of 20% time, whereby employees were allowed to work on individual projects of their choosing for 20% of their work time.  Productivity went up as a result and commercial projects such as Gmail and Google Talk were invented during this time.  Educators adapted this idea for schools with the invention of Genius Hour, a lesson where students are allowed to pursue a 'Passion Project' of their own during their learning time.  Genius Hour hence provides a path towards intrinsic motivation, and consequently students are more motivated to learn and confidence is boosted.
The Year 4 projects were extremely diverse, ranging from the problems of space junk and plastic pollution to dangerous animals, computer hacking and The Black Death!  The children were also asked to choose their form of presentation, and so there were PowerPoints, books, posters, quizzes and even a short play!  It was a lovely occasion which we all thoroughly enjoyed.  Well done Year 4! 
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