ecodudes 71


2nd March 2017

Something is afoot in Key Stage 2. A crack squad has been assembled. They will be known as…The EcoDudes!

A team of eight children have been nominated as EcoDudes for March 2017. On a daily basis this team will strive to highlight and reduce energy waste in the Annexe building. Not only that, but they will coordinate the recycling of paper in the Key Stage 2 classrooms.

Who better to tell you more about this fresh, green initiative than one of our first EcoDudes, Tommaso Chimenz.

The EcoDudes is a group of eight children who will go around the Key Stage 2 area of the school to check if lights, projectors or heaters have been left on when rooms are empty, therefore helping to save energy. The EcoDudes will turn off the lights etc. and leave a fine for the teacher to pay.

Each Friday, they will also collect all the paper waste from the Key Stage 2 classes and take it away for recycling.

Since the beginning of the term, I have been asking Adam, my teacher, if we could recycle paper. I think this is why I have been chosen to be an EcoDude and I will hopefully make a difference.


Congratulations to our first batch of EcoDudes, who will be replaced next month by a fresh group from across the key stage. Congratulations too, to our winning designers, Tenet (Y6), Virginia (Y4) and Annabel (Y3), whose logos were combined to adorn the official EcoDudes T-shirt.