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An End of Term Mystery

17th June 2019

An End of Term mystery?

The New School Rome is staging an ambitious co-curricular end to the school year next week. Students in the senior school will be working together - along with Year 6 - to solve a crime. As well as attempting a unique lesson and problem solving task in each activity, the students will have to take a shot of the role of leader, evaluator, reporter and timekeeper. The outcome of the two days’ experiences will be that Year 6 will have had an experience of working with their soon-to-be new peers in the Senior School whilst they – along with all of the other students – will enjoy and gain tremendously from the excitement of the investigation.


Interdisciplinary learning days provide opportunities to young people to bring together thoughts about traditional subject matters and solve problems that relate to each of them. The wider the exposures to this type of thinking the more able young people are to survive in moments that require more than one skill at a time. The world will present all kinds of challenges to our young people but the more confidence they have to approach challenges – and the more able they are to solve them – the better.


To add to the excitement, the best performing groups will enjoy a day at the P.E.C. Seconda Divisione Police Forensic Laboratories to see how a crime scene is investigated by the professionals.

Now, the big question is…Whodunnit?