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EYrs Blog3 2018

Blog 3 - Using our new tablet

This week the pictures have all been taken by the Butterflies, using our new tablet.

Take a look at what they chose to photograph….


Maia - “I chose Vera because Vera is my best friend”

“Maia I like the photo I have taken of you,” said Isabelle. “I chose Maia because I like her T-shirt.”


Mikel - “I chose the monkey because I like it”

Tommaso photographed his name peg …..”because I like the picture”


Vera chose to photograph Jana because…..“ Annie is my friend and she lives with Jana and she is a teacher”.

Beatrice chose to take a picture of the new board “...because we see the film on this”


Fatima photographed the panda,  "… because I like pandas”

Nicholas chose to photograph an aeroplane “.. because I like aeroplanes”

Michelle photographed Isabelle “… because is my friends”

  • We can use the tablet to take photographs
  • We can print from the tablet