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Eyrs Blog11 2019

Blog 11 : Exploring our ‘Wild Place'  

We have been spending Outdoor days exploring our “Wild Place”. Take a look...


We LOVE climbing up the mountain ...          …..and then sliding back down!

It’s easier with a little  help from a friend...and some sticks

One of the branches balanced, so we ‘planted’ it in the middle of our log circle. The other one didn’t balance so we thought about what to do…


First we dug a hole. It had to be really deep…. 

Then we had a problem to solve… when we tried to put the branch into the hole, it wouldn’t fit because a smaller branch was sticking out.


Isabelle decided to cut off the small branch.  Her solution worked and the branch was  firmly planted.  Last of all, we added some decorations!

Meanwhile, worms and slugs were discovered.


We had lots of questions so  we went to the library to find out more.

Then we heard some squawking down by the persimmon trees. It was some green parrots. We wondered what they were doing so we sat really quietly and watched….


...they flew down and started to eat the persimmon from the trees!