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EYrs Blog 9 2018

Talking about Trees

First we looked at the tree trunk slices......

Leo: Is rough     Edo: Is a circle

Luca noticed there were circles on it.    Edoardo realised the bigger the slice, the more circles it had

Barbara: How can were find out why it has circles?

Isabelle, Vera: Look in books, video (screen) and computer

A couple of days later we looked again.

Barbara: Who can remember what these are?

Bea: Circles....   Vera: ....from a tree     Isabelle: ...wood

Barbara: Which part of the tree does this come from?

Maia: The trunk

Barbara:  so if it is the trunk, why is it this shape and not tall?

Vera: because it got cut off

Then we compared three slices of different sizes.

Edoardo: they are similar– one is big, one is medium and..the daddy the mummy the baby

Barbara: What can we see here on them?     Lily: The circles

Barbara: So how do tyhe circles get there?     Edoardo: First they are small and get bigger and bigger and bigger

Nicholas:  My daddy say is because when circle are little… is get bigger and bigger and bigger… he have more circles because first is small and now is big

Barbara: So it has more rimgs because it is older... So we answered our question!

Then, on our next outdoor day we  spent some time looking at the trees in our garden….


We lay down ...                                         ...and looked up at the tall pine tree.


Edoardo noticed there was a stump with rings on it in the mud kitchen.

Then we gave a tree a big hug!