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EYrs Blog 8 2018

Blog 8 - The Christmas Show

We worked hard preparing for the show; practising our dance , helping make our costumes and talking about the story.


Making pompoms for our hats.

When our costumes were ready we tried them on and practised dancing in them.

                 Talking  about the story of ‘Annie’

Nicholas: She was a little girl     Mikel: She don’t have a daddy…     Vera: ...or a mummy or a sister or a brother….

Barbara: Where did she live?   

Vera: In a  orphanage     Tommaso: ... and then is come Hannigan     Maia: A mummy bad

Edoardo: Diceva ai bambini di pulire tutta la casa     Bea: In the middle of the night he woke up the children ... clean the house.

Barbara: Did Annie have a dog?

Isabelle: Yes... Sandy     Nicholas: Annie she called him dumb dog in the beginning when she found her.

Our dance was about dreaming of having a puupy.


Down at the theatre we got used to dancing on the stage, and enjoyed watching the rest of the show...

...before practising the finale with the whole primary school!

Time for an official photo!