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EYrs Blog 10 2019

Blog Number 10: Festive  Fun!

In Sweden,  December 13th is a special day, when Santa Lucia is celebrated. Vera, Ebba and Leah came to school with their parents and shared their celebration with us. 


They arrived wearing special white clothes and lights ….then they sang to us and shared some special ginger biscuits.

Next, we started to think about celebrating Christmas.  We began making a big tree to decorate our door.

First we measured the door and Barbara drew the outline. Vera and Isabelle cut it out.

Next, we scrunched up paper and glued it onto the tree.  


When the tree was done, we made some decorations.

We chose shapes and sewed around them with ribbon, then we added a photo in the middle!

Beatrice made a star to put on the top. Finally, we put it all together on our door.

Camilla taught us the song “Oh Christmas Tree”. We recorded ourselves singing it and added it to our tree!

Meanwhile, we had lots of fun in the classroom


Wrapping presents in the grotto, making Christmas cards.....


dressing up and making party hats.


Last of all, we had a very special visit from Father Christmas!!