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Early Years Blog 2016-2017

Blog 4 - Splish! Splash! Splosh!

This week children in Early Years have extended their water play by splashing around in a paddling pool.

The children were really excited to hear that we had bought a paddling pool and welcomed this new adventure with enthusiasm, especially because of the recent hot weather


They all brought in a swimming costume and towel and couldn’t wait to have a dip.


Under close supervision, small groups of children jumped, splashed and played in the pool with their friends.


Splish! Splash! Splosh!


Blog 3 - Getting ready for our Summer Concert!

We’ve have been really busy practising our minibeasts songs and The Hungry Caterpillar story for our Summer Concert next week.

We have also been creating our props.

Have a look at what we’ve been up to.

On Saturday the caterpillar ate...


Look at our beautiful butterfly and minibeast poster.


We’ve been working really hard.

We really look forward to seeing you there!



Blog 2 - Making Dream Catchers with Peter Swidrak

Children took part in a fun workshop with visiting artist Peter Swidrak.They thread beads onto coloured pipe cleaners to make beautiful patterns. They then hung their works of art onto the trees around the Red Circle.

A few days later the children looked at photographs and described what they had done. Here are some of their comments…

Annie - “We’re making dream catchers with balls and things and sticks”

Charlotte - “And some flowers”

Zoe -  “We used the green thing”

Maria - “They are like long and bendy”

Ginevra - “I liked doing the dream catcher”

Chiara -  “For decorating the trees”


Adam -  “The dream will come true”

Annie - “It’s a circle”

Maria - “We hanged them on the tree”

Let’s hope their dreams come true!


 Blog 1 - We went to the farm!