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Blog 5 - Olive Picking at Fattoria Salvucci


Edoardo - On the bus!    Nicholas - Pamela was giving the leafs to everyone.   


Vera - I was smelling the olive leaf. I broke the leaf so I put it on the ground.    Nicholas - We was using a long stick.


Edoardo - We pick the olives.    Maia - We used the little hand.    Chicco - Le olive... le raccogliamo …..con il telo.


Tommaso - Here is going down the olives … on the net.     Maia - We were picking them  … in the basket.



Michelle - Camilla put the olives in the frantoio.     Luca - Questi neri….Le olive... poi si versavano ..poi si lavavano …….poi usci’ l’ olio.  


Isabelle - Diventava l’olio. Profumava!     Mikel - That was at the end. 

Tommaso - We put oil on the bread.     Roberto - Era buono!     Mikel - We was eating here.