Early Years

Early Years is where it all begins, where children learn to be part of a larger community and develop the skills and dispositions that are the foundation for future learning. It is about discovery and exploration, having fun and making friends.

We believe that children’s first experience of school should be a happy and positive one, so we work closely with parents to make the transition from home to school as smooth as possible. Daily routines provide a reassuring structure. Older and younger children work together in one larger group; older ones learn to take responsibility, and explain, the younger ones learn from them. The atmosphere is caring and familiar, and all children are valued, stimulated and supported as individuals.

Learning is fun. Children learn through both play and structured activities, which are both child initiated child and adult led, indoors and outside.  


Early Years constitutes two years of pre-school from 3 to 5 years of age. We base our programme on the Foundation Stage of the English National Curriculum, which we adapt to meet the needs of the children at The New School Rome. 

Early Years Summer Concert - 'Natalina had a Farm'

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