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The Academic and Executive Council


There are two decision-making bodies at The New School, the Academic Council and the Executive Council.

The Academic Council

The Academic Council is the main policy making forum in the New School Rome. It consists of teachers and student representatives from Year 7 and above and meets once a half term. Proposals are brought forward by teachers or students and discussed before being voted on. Once a proposal passes it becomes school policy. 

News: Year 6 Plastic Proposal Passed

The Executive Council

The Executive Council is the governing body of The New School Association. The Executive Council also has responsibility for all strategic, legal and financial aspects of the school's management and organization. The Executive Council has the power to call the Ordinary and Extraordinary Assembly of The New School Association.

The Council is made up of 7 members, 4 parent members (3 elected members and 1 co-opted member), the Academic Council Chairperson (Headteacher) and 2 elected teacher members. The Chairperson of the Council is a parent member and is elected by the Council to hold this office.  The term of office for elected members is 2 years and members can stand again for re-election. The Chairperson of the Executive Council is also Chairperson of the Association. Members of The Executive Council meet on average once a month.

Members of the Executive Council 2018/2019

Sasha Fugazzola: Chairperson of the Executive Council

Jonny Massey: Vice-Chair and Chairperson of the Academic Council

Christian Alessandrini: parent member

Marco Diamanti: parent member

John Mills: parent member

Karen Stobie: teacher member and secretary

Lucy Michaels: teacher member and Financial Co-ordinator

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