Public Examination Results 2013


Congratulations to all New School Rome students on another stunning set of results in the IGCSE and A-Level exams. 52% of students received either an A or A* in the IGCSEs. Overall, 82% of students achieved A-C grades. This compares with the 2013 UK average of 68%. 

At A-level, almost half New School Students obtained an A* or A with 100% 'passing' their A-levels with grades ranging from A to D. These students are now beginning degree courses in the Uk and in Italy. Destinations include: Glasgow, Imperial College and St Andrews Universities. 






Public Examination Results 2011
 IGCSE and GCSE Results Year 11 (2010 figures in brackets)
 Pass rate: 100% (100%)
 A* and A grades: 64% (23%)
 A - C grades: 98% (76%)
 Students with 5 or more A - C grades: 100% (82%)
 Comparison with UK: The overall pass rate at grades A* to C has
 increased to 69.8%

 A-Level Results
 Pass rate: 93% (96%)
 A*, A and B grades: 58% (80%)
 A - C grades: 68% (89%)




Pass rate: 100%

Grades A-C: 85%

Grades A*/A: 41%


A Level

Pass rate: 98%

Grades A-C: 83%

Grade A and B: 69%




Pass rate: 98%

Grades A-C: 84%

Grades A*/A: 36.5%


A Level

Pass rate:100%

Grades A-C: 93%

Grade A: 62%


We are  especially proud of our Year 13 who this year achieved the highest percentage  of A/B Pass rate at A Level among the COBIS schools (Council of British International Schools).

A/B Pass rate: 74%