Congratulations to all the students who sat examinations in the May/June examination session. Students in Years 11, 12 and 13 took exams at IGCSE/GCSE, AS and A level with CIE (Cambridge International Examinations Board) and Edexcel  (London Examinations Board). Once again we are proud to be able to publish our results.


Public Examination Results 2011
 IGCSE and GCSE Results Year 11 (2010 figures in brackets)
 Pass rate: 100% (100%)
 A* and A grades: 64% (23%)
 A - C grades: 98% (76%)
 Students with 5 or more A - C grades: 100% (82%)
 Comparison with UK: The overall pass rate at grades A* to C has
 increased to 69.8%

 A-Level Results
 Pass rate: 93% (96%)
 A*, A and B grades: 58% (80%)
 A - C grades: 68% (89%)




Pass rate: 100%

Grades A-C: 85%

Grades A*/A: 41%


A Level

Pass rate: 98%

Grades A-C: 83%

Grade A and B: 69%




Pass rate: 98%

Grades A-C: 84%

Grades A*/A: 36.5%


A Level

Pass rate:100%

Grades A-C: 93%

Grade A: 62%


We are  especially proud of our Year 13 who this year achieved the highest percentage  of A/B Pass rate at A Level among the COBIS schools (Council of British International Schools).

A/B Pass rate: 74%