Year 5

Entering the upper juniors, we begin preparation for the transition to Senior School. The children work on developing their organisational skills, their ability to follow instructions, to work independently and to evaluate their own progress.

An environment of high self-expectations within a happy, safe place to learn is fostered in our classroom: the children are given a variety of ways to learn and we complete lots of fun activities.  To give you a little snippet of our curriculum: we do a charity fundraising project; write using an array of genres and learn to dance in a range of styles. We learn about the ancient Egyptians; all about Water and about religions all over the world, giving presentations to the rest of our class about these. 


The big, exciting project in Year 5 is our Christmas show, where Year 5 children all get the chance to write part of a script and act a main part in a musical, which we perform at a theatre in Rome.


Cooperation, teamwork and initiative are encouraged and children are expected to begin to become more self-sufficient and responsible for their own behaviour and choices.  I try to encourage the children to think a lot, produce a lot and to challenge themselves to do more and more…




English is taught every day and language developed through other subjects in reading, writing and speaking & listening. Work is differentiated so that all children are challenged and supported as necessary, including ESL support for some children from Susie, in addition to the in class sessions.  We will be studying a range of different text genres, which will be new to the children so we will practise these skills throughout the year.  Examples include; reports, explanations, persuasive writing.  The children will also be taught to improve their writing by learning new grammatical structures and vocabulary.  There will be a focus will be on planning, checking and editing writing.  We will study a variety of texts; some famous and some unknown, as well as exploring drama in a variety of ways to help the children to become confident speakers.  There is an overarching theme of creativity within the Year five level of writing, developing vocabulary and ideas which allow the children to become more and more independent-minded and develop their own style.   Through reading a higher level of texts, the children are encouraged to think about their approach to reading, thinking and the way they answer questions.  This is a skill which is supported throughout the year.  I would like to reiterate how important reading is to help with English.


Maths is taught every day. Work is differentiated to ensure that all children are working at an appropriate level and are supported and stretched as required.  We will also complete a mental maths test, followed by a lesson in mental maths skills; I will send home these sheets so that you can see how their scores improve. We will regularly practise times tables in a competitive way to encourage the children to improve their own scores.

The units of work are;


Computing is taught in a variety of ways, during the standalone classroom session, as well as the many types of technology that we use around the school.  As well as learning new, independent computer skills, the children will also complete lessons through other subjects using computing.  Our homework may also be linked to the use of computers.


Year 5 Science topics are as follows;
- Living things and their habitats

-Animals, including humans

- Properties and changes of materials

- Earth and space

- Forces

Design and Technology (D&T) 

We will be completing our main Design and Technology unit by focussing on costume design this Year, as well as various smaller projects through other topics or subjects.   The children will use a variety of design skills and develop their creativity throughout this Year.


We will be following a pattern of class study; group study; individual study to learn about the style and lives of a range of artists, as well as to be creative and replicative. We will look at a variety of classical and modern styles and cross-curricular opportunities to explore a range of ideas.

Citizenship and World Faiths

Four strands run throughout the Key Stage 2 bi-annual Citizenship programme: 'The World Around Us', 'Relationships', 'Self/Esteem and Self Awareness' and 'Health and Safety Issues'

Year 5 Citizenship lessons will see students exploring “A Focus on Relationships” and “The World Around Us” in an age appropriate context.

In World Faiths Year 5 will cover work on the following:

- Localities
-What is prayer?

Humanities (Geography/History)

We will begin by developing Map Skills, Geographical general knowledge and world awareness.  Our second topic will be “Water,” in which we will be raising money for the school’s charity “Water Aid.”  Finally, we will explore the Ancient Egyptians.

Physical Education (PE)

Gym: Weekly lessons (Wednesdays) include blocks of lessons, rotated between teachers: Gymnastics with our specialist instructor Francesco, movement with Kate, and dance with myself.

Outdoor sport: Weekly lessons (Fridays), focus on developing the skills required to play a variety of games including net games, rackets, kicking and striking games. Good sportsmanship and teamwork are encouraged throughout.

The children are expected to bring their gym kit on these days: T-shirt and shorts with trainers or ballet pumps/plimsolls for the gym. Socks are also appropriate for when they are dancing.  I would recommend a tracksuit during the winter.  They should also always bring a bottle of water on P.E. days!


2 lessons of 1 hour a week on Mondays and Thursdays. Children are divided between Paola and Erica according to their level of proficiency.


1 class music lesson with Emma on Tuesdays (recorders).

1 singing lesson with Years 3-6 on Friday.