Year 5

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Entering the upper juniors, we begin preparation for the transition to Senior School. The children work on developing their organisational skills, their ability to follow instructions, to work independently and to evaluate their own progress.

An environment of high self-expectations within a happy, safe place to learn is fostered in our classroom: the children are given a variety of ways to learn and we complete lots of fun activities.  To give you a little snippet of our curriculum: we do a charity fundraising project; write using an array of genres and learn to dance in a range of styles. We learn about the ancient Egyptians; all about Water and about religions all over the world, giving presentations to the rest of our class about these. 


The big, exciting project in Year 5 is our Christmas show, where Year 5 children all get the chance to write part of a script and act a main part in a musical, which we perform at a theatre in Rome.


Cooperation, teamwork and initiative are encouraged and children are expected to begin to become more self-sufficient and responsible for their own behaviour and choices.  I try to encourage the children to think a lot, produce a lot and to challenge themselves to do more and more…


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Sunday 13th December 215 Teatro Cassia 3pm

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