AS / A Level Courses

Having successfully completed GCSE/IGCSE examinations, students, in consultation with their teachers and parents, will select 4 subjects for their Year 12 programme. The choice of subjects should be carefully researched as students at this stage should be considering university choices and future career aspirations. The New School offers Humanities and Sciences combinations. At Year 12 level students prepare for ‘AS’ (Advanced Subsidiary) examinations taken in January (Module 1) and June (Module 2 and 3). These exams mark a midway evaluation of the student’s individual progress. At the end of Year 12 students can receive ‘AS’ certification in one of the 4 subjects and then proceed to ‘A’ level (Advanced level) in Year 13 with the other 3 subjects. For university application purposes only 3 subjects at ‘A’ level are required. Students prepare for  external exams in January (Module 4) and June (Modules 5 and 6).  The New School is a recognised examination centre for ‘AS’  and ‘A’ level examinations with Edexcel.

In Year 12 and 13 students are encouraged to develop independent study and research skills and a responsible approach to time management. ‘AS’ and and ‘A’ level courses represent the ‘gold standard’ for university entrance and provide an in depth preparation for students planning to attend the most prestigious British universities.

The New School offers the following subjects at ‘AS’ and ‘A’ level:

  • English Literature;
  • Mathematics;
  • Further Mathematics;
  • History;
  • French;
  • Italian;
  • Spanish;
  • Physics;
  • Chemistry;
  • Biology;
  • Art.

At the end of the course students receive a grade in each subject representing a range of pass grades from ‘A’ to ‘E’. Grade ‘U’ represents unclassified and is not a pass grade. Universities will make an offer of a place conditional on a number of pass grades.

P1040371 AS and A Level English Literature

Board: Cambridge Course code: AS Level: 9695,  A2 Level: 9695 Duration: 2...

P1280028 AS and A Level Mathematics

Board: Edexcel Course code: Mathematics AS Level: 8371,  Mathematics A2...

AS and A Level Further Mathematics

Course: AS and A LEVEL FURTHER MATHEMATICS Board: Edexcel Course code: Further...

P1080681eva luna AS and A Level Art

Board: Edexcel Course code: AS Level: 3690   A2 Level: 3690 Duration: 2...

IMG_0895 AS and A Level Physics

Board: Edexcel     Duration: 2 years (full A level) or 1 year (AS...

P1280043 AS and A Level Biology

Course: AS and A LEVEL BIOLOGY Board: Edexcel Course code: AS Level: 8B101, ...

IMG_0081 AS and A Level Chemistry

Board: Edexcel Course code: AS Level: 8CH01,  A2 Level: 9CH02 Duration: 2...

AS and A Level History

Board: Edexcel Course code: AS Level: 8HI01   A2 Level: 9HI01 Duration: 2...

DSCN1518 AS and A Level French

Board: Edexcel Course code: AS Level: 8FR01,  A2 Level: 9FR01 Duration: 2...

P1040380 AS and A Level Italian

  Board: Edexcel Course code: AS Level: 8IN01,  A2 Level: 9IN01 Duration: 2...

P1040426 AS and A Level Spanish

Board: Edexcel Course code: AS Level: 8SP01,  A2 Level: 9SP01 Duration: 2...