Kate - Year 1 ( on second year leave of abscence )- MA Hons St Andrews University / PGCEInstitute of Education, London


Camilla - English as a Second Language - TESOL Certificate LondonTraining Centre


Claudio - Italian - Laurea in Lettere Università La Sapienza, Rome


Susie - English as a Second Language - TEFL Certificate / CTEFLA Trained


Kate - Year 4 - BEd Hons Southampton


Yvette - Year 3 (  maternity ) - BA Hons Birmingham University / PGCE Leeds University


Karen -Year3-             B.Ed Hons, Craigie College of Education                               


Vanessa -year 5        B.A.Hons.Univ.of Cambridge/PGCE Liverpool Hope Univ.    


Francesca - Art - Cambridge College of Art Diploma


Tim - Biology - BSc (Hons) Univ.of Nottingham / Ph.D Univ. of Reading   PGCE Univ. of Durham


Malcolm -English-     M.A.Hons. Univ. of Oxford/PGDE Univ. of Glasgow               


Jonny - Headteacher - BA Hons English and French Literature University of York / PGCE Institute of Education, London


Allan - Maths - BSc Glasgow University Mathematics. PGCE University ofCambridge.


Lucy - Maths, IT - BSC Hons Mathematics and PGCE University of London


Barbara - Early Years - BA Hons Nottingham University / PGCE College of Ripon and York


Carmen - Spanish - Licenciada in Filologia, University Santiago de Compostela, Spain


Jana - Year 1 - BA Hons Primary Education St Mary’s University, London


Sophie - Early Years  B.A.Hons Swansea Institute/ PGCE Univ. of Canterbury  


Erica - Italian - Laurea in Lettere, Università di Roma Tor Vergata


Paola - Italian - BA Hons University London / MPhil Oxford University/ Laurea in Lingue, Venezia / TESOL Diploma, London


Claire - Early Years (on maternity) - NNEB / Maternal & Child Welfare Certificate


Emma - Music and Geography - BEd Creative Arts & Music, Cardiff University, Wales


Fiona - Learning Support - B.Ed. Hons University of Aberdeen, Scotland.


Adam - Year 6 - BA Hons English QTS


Lawry - History - BA Hons London / Certificate of Education London


Lionel - Year 2 - BA Hons English and History London / PGCE Institute of Education London

Rosine - French - Licence d'Anglais, University de Nantes / PGCE York University                                                                

Christopher-Chemistry-        B.Sc. Hons. Univ.of Strathclyde/PGDE Univ.of Glasgow          


Raihanna - Chemistry (first year leave of abscence )- B.Sc. University of Lancashire/PGCE University of Sheffield-Hallam, M.A. Institute of Education, London


Matt - Physics - B.Sc.Hons. Physics with Astronomy Cardiff University/PGCE Institute of Education, Cardiff.


Sandra - English and Drama-B.A. Hons / PGCE University of Hertfordshire